Dental Treatments

A dentist, when you really think about it, is a doctor of the mouth. When most people think of dentistry, they think of dental procedures that they are familiar with, like dental cleanings, dental exams, filling cavities, or even cosmetic procedures like whitening or implants.

Dr. Rubins Noel, a general dentist, at AffableCare Dental has a number of dental treatment options available for his patients, each designed for a specific component of your overall oral health. He serves dental patients in Lancaster, Depew, Cheektowaga, Buffalo, NY and the surrounding communities. Call our dental team at 716.671.2852 or fill out our contact form to make an appointment today or to ask any questions that you may have.

Dental Treatments

Ask Dr. Noel about dental treatments when you experience any of the following:

  • Sealants
    When your back teeth are especially prone to cavities:
    Sealants protect teeth from tooth decay by adding a protective layer to keep out plaque. This wonderful technology can, quickly and easily, help you and your children fight cavities.

  • Root Canals
    When a tooth is very seriously damaged:
    Modern Root Canal techniques are designed to save natural tooth structure with procedures that keep you more comfortable than you ever thought possible. Root canal treatment removes the infection and saves the rest of the tooth.
  • Extractions / Wisdom Tooth Removal
    When a tooth can’t be saved, or wisdom teeth need to be removed extractions can be done quickly and with little discomfort. It is a safe and routine procedure that is no cause for worry. If extraction is recommended, for a wisdom tooth or any other tooth, our staff at AffableCare Dental will explain why this is the best course of action for the health of your mouth.

Quality general dentist offering dental treatments to help patients in Lancaster, Depew, Cheektowaga, Buffalo, NY and the surrounding communities.